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Motion Product Shots Designed to Increase Your Sales

Motion = Emotion

Humans are hardwired to spot movement. E-motion Product Shots are designed to capture and hold attention - giving you more impressions, longer engagement and more sales.

Create Instant Confidence

E-motion Product Shots let online shoppers see your product as if they're holding it in their hands.

- Reduce doubt

- Increase perceived value

  • Outshine your competition with stunning product shots

  • Capture attention with precision speed ramping motion

  • Stay ahead of the curve with product shots that provide unlimited creative potential now and in the future

Show It So They Know It

E-motion Product Shots not only make your products look sensational and exciting, they satisfy your customers' curiosities with 360 degrees of visual information - much more than stills. They'll know exactly what they're getting, reducing returns and inquiries.

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How To Use Your E-motion Shots

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E-motion Product Shots have transparent backgrounds so you can easily overlay them onto any background or video. They integrate perfectly with all your promotional videos. The possibilities are endless.

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The Science of Capturing Attention

Spotting movement, especially fast movement, is an instinct crucial to our survival. E-motion Product Shots speed into action, captivating your audience quickly. Once visual attention is achieved, the speed ramps down, causing the viewer to focus in on the details of your product. It's spellbinding!

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Our Mission

We aim to please by getting you more sales with the best looking product shots on the web. If we can't make your product look absolutely stunning, we'll give you your money back.

E-motion Shot Studios

Toronto, ON Canada

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How it works.

Purchase a shot pack to reserve your shoot date. We'll send you a confirmation email with the shipping instructions, then ship us your product. We'll take stunning, high resolution, E-motion shots of your product and send them to you via downloadable link in 5 to 10 business days. Use them in all your ads and promos to increase your sales and build your brand.

Where can I use E-motion shots?

Everywhere you want to capture attention and show your product at its best. E-motion Product Shots have transparent backgrounds and easily integrate with all of your video content. 

Video formats and tech stuff

All E-motion Product Shots are high resolution Pro Res files (29.97P) with transparent backgrounds. They easily overlay onto any video or static background.

How do I use my shots?

 Using your E-motion shots is super easy. Here's a video link that shows you how.

What about large products?

Currently, our motion control system can accommodate products that are under 26 x 26 inches in size and under 20 pounds in weight. 

What if my product has an electrical cord?

If you do not wish to show the cord in your E-motion shots, please remove it before sending. If not, we can remove it for you.

What if my product has blemishes?

It's best to send us a blemish free product to shoot. Minor blemishes can usually be fixed in post production for an additional fee.

When will I get my shots?

We'll send you a confirmation email with estimated delivery time once we receive your product - usually 5 to 10 business days. Call us if you're in a rush.